Dietitian’s Shopping List #3-Meats


*From the deli, choose lean beef, chicken, turkey, 2% or light cheese;

$ saving tip:  Avoid the salads at the deli because they will be healthier and cheaper if you make them on your own.

*Canadian or turkey bacon- but only once in a while because they contain nitrates.

*Lean Meats:

Beef:  Tenderloin, Top Loin, Top Round, Eye of the Round

Pork:  Tenderloin, Top Loin, Top Round, Round Tip Sirloin

Chicken: Breasts without skin

Fish: any unbreaded

Sausage/Kielbasi/Hot Dogs-Turkey varieties(but still limit your use of these items due to nitrates)

Ground Chuck or Ground Round-85% lean or greater

Substitute Chicken or turkey burgers for beef burgers

Health tip: Thoroughly wash your hands after touching any raw, uncooked meats and clean all touched surface areas before preparing anything else.

$ saving tip: Look for any “manager special items” that are a reduced price and take home.  Use immediately or freeze.

Time saving tip:  Buy a rotisserie chicken and serve with steamed vegetables and a salad.


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