Good Meal Options for Athletes

When on the playing field, you not only are battling your opponent, but also, another enemy…..fatigue.  Studies show that you have a better shot at making a crucial play when nutrition is in your game plan.  It may be as simple as making a few changes in your diet.  Below is a list of healthy meal options for athletes……

(2-4 hours before the game and within 2 hours after the game)

*Cold or hot cereal, fruit or fruit juice, 1% or skim milk

*French Toast or Pancakes with real maple syrup

*Scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese, toast with fruit or juice

*Toast with jam or honey, low-fat yogurt

*Bagel or English Muffin with peanut butter, banana and fruit juice

*Deli sandwich with lean turkey or chicken, cheese, veggies, mustard; baked chips

*2 soft tacos with grilled chicken or lean beef with salsa, lettuce and tomato, and low-fat cheese- avoid the sour cream or use low-fat; 1/2 c Mexican rice

*2 single burgers, fruit or juice, side salad

*Pasta or cheese ravioli with red sauce, French bread, plain, unbuttered vegetables;canned or fresh fruit

*Grilled chicken sandwich, low-fat yogurt, baked potato with low-fat sour cream and salsa

*1slice thick-crust veggie pizza, low fat gelato or frozen yogurt; and canned or fresh fruit

*Baked or grilled lean beef, chicken, turkey or fish, steamed rice or sweet potato, cooked vegetable, low-fat frozen yogurt; fruit juice

Fast snacks (for before game if no time to eat or 30 minutes to 1 hour before the game)

*fruit flavored yogurt

*fruit smoothies(fruit+low-fat or non-fat milk or yogurt)



*wheat or rice crackers

* power bar

*fruit or vegetable juice

During the game: fruit, dried fruit, sports drink with carbohydrate( if longer than 1 hour), crackers with all-fruit spread; 1/2 bagel; pretzels; or baked chips; choose easily digested items that are familiar to you.

After the game: (within 30 minutes)

*lean meat and low fat cheese sandwich

*peanut butter and honey sandwich

*fruit smoothy

*trail mix with dried fruit

*low-fat chocolate milk

*bean burrito with salsa

*power bar

*protein shake with 1% or skim milk(protein to = about 15 grams)

 Always drink fluids before, during and after the game.  1 gulp equals 1oz.  Have 3-7 oz every 15 minutes.  If playing for more than one hour, drink a sports drink.

*Information is for those without diet restrictions-talk to a Registered Dietitian if you are on a restriction and have specific nutrition questions.


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