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Dietitian’s Shopping List #3-Meats


*From the deli, choose lean beef, chicken, turkey, 2% or light cheese;

$ saving tip:  Avoid the salads at the deli because they will be healthier and cheaper if you make them on your own.

*Canadian or turkey bacon- but only once in a while because they contain nitrates.

*Lean Meats:

Beef:  Tenderloin, Top Loin, Top Round, Eye of the Round

Pork:  Tenderloin, Top Loin, Top Round, Round Tip Sirloin

Chicken: Breasts without skin

Fish: any unbreaded

Sausage/Kielbasi/Hot Dogs-Turkey varieties(but still limit your use of these items due to nitrates)

Ground Chuck or Ground Round-85% lean or greater

Substitute Chicken or turkey burgers for beef burgers

Health tip: Thoroughly wash your hands after touching any raw, uncooked meats and clean all touched surface areas before preparing anything else.

$ saving tip: Look for any “manager special items” that are a reduced price and take home.  Use immediately or freeze.

Time saving tip:  Buy a rotisserie chicken and serve with steamed vegetables and a salad.


How many calories in a Blooming Onion?

How many calories in a Blooming Onion?

Approximately 2000 calories!!!!!!


Approximate amount of sugar in a 32oz soda


New Beginning

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…….so start eating healthy today…….avoid fried foods, items with sugar and strive for 5-9 fruits and vegetables per day.

Small steps to good health

With obesity on the rise, it’s time to take action and be healthy. Diets don’t work so start by making some positive changes to your eating habits. Include exercise in your daily routine (unless instructed otherwise by your doctor). It won’t take long before you see positive results. Take it slow so that you develop a healthy eating pattern…..for life.