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Dietitian’s Shopping List-Tip#1 (Dairy products and Juices)

Being a Registered Dietitian has caused me to have a very specific grocery shopping list.  I admit that everything that I buy is not always 100% healthy(we all need our treats once in a while), but for the most part, it’s a solid list that will hopefully help others to make better food choices.

Dairy Products and juices:

2% or low-fat cheeses

Low-fat Plain Greek Yogurt

1% or Skim Milk

Almond or Soy Milk

Low-fat frozen Yogurt

Juice with calcium- avoid juices with added sugar or fruit drinks

Eggland’s Best eggs

Liquid Eggs- store brand

Light String Cheese such as Sargento

Light Cream Cheese

$ saving tip: Find a place where milk is the cheapest and buy it there instead of the supermarket.

Health tip #1: Almond milk is a great alternative to milk plus it has vitamins, minerals and is soy, dairy and gluten free.  It has a low glycemic index and it is “diabetic friendly”.

Health tip #2:  Don’t leave dairy products at room temperature as that increases your risk for food-borne illness.


Dietitian’s Shopping List #5-Frozen Foods

*Frozen Foods:

Nutragrain or Kashi Waffles

Van’s Hearty Oats Berry Boost Waffles


Frozen Edamame

Frozen fruit -no sugar added

Kashi Stone-Fired Thin Crust Pizza

Bertolli Garlic Shrimp, Penne and Cherry Tomatoes

Healthy Choice entrees

Pepperidge Farm Stone Baked Multi-grain rolls

Frozen-all fruit bars

Haagen-Dazs Fat-free Sorbet and Yogurt Bars

Boca Burgers

Morningstar Farm veggie burgers

 $ saving tip: Buy these items in bulk when on sale and look for coupons.


Dietitian’s Shopping List-#2 Grains

Pastas and rice and other starches: 

Smart Taste Pasta

Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta

Healthy Harvest Pasta

Success Whole Grain Brown Rice


Time saving tip: Take pasta, salsa or rice, rinsed black beans and corn-mix together and top with low-fat shredded cheese; bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. A quick, but healthy meal.


Look for any brand with more than 3 grams of fiber per serving and no high fructose corn syrup.

Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran and whole wheat pita bread

Whole wheat or multi-grain tortilla’s

100 calorie wheat/multigrain or oatmeal rounds

Calorie Saving Tip: Use a medium sized tortilla to make a sandwich instead of bread-saves about 30 calories; use 2 slices of light bread instead of regular bread and save 70-80 calories;  a third option would be to use the wheat or multigrain 100 calorie rounds and save 80 calories per sandwich.


Kashi brands

Old-fashioned or steel cut oats or low-sugar instant oatmeal

Raisin Bran(much of the total sugar is from raisins)

Bran Flakes

Fiber One

Low-fat Granola

Plain Cheerios